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Posted 4/17/17
This year I have switched from the Langstroth hive to the AZ hive. I have some Lang supplies at half price for new and very cheap for used materials. I am retired and home almost all the time so come over and get a good deal. Phone is  678 *454/ 3838.

  •  I have four medium honey supers, two cypress and two pine. They include 8 frames with foundation.
  •  Tow box's of new medium frames still in the box, 10 frames per box.
  •  One new package of yellow plastic foundation, 20 sheets.
  •  One triangle honey super bee escape board. Place under honey super in the evening, next day 95% of the bees have exited the super and cannot return.
  •  One double screen aka "Snellgrove board" for managing a new split on top of a strong hive.
  •  One copper top hive roof, one fiberglass hive roof
  •  Two inner covers
  •  Six winter quilt box's for over winter. Yon can place cedar chips in the box to absorb moisture in winter or place bee fondant to feed bees.
  •  One frame holder
  •  Protective clothing
  •  XL lightweight jacket with zippered veil
  •  XXXL ventilated hooded bee jacket
  •  One drawstring veil 

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